Shanghai World Expo
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Exhibit design
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On the heels of a successful collaboration at the Consumer Electronics Show Germany, Intel looked to Elements to design and produce an exhibit for the Shanghai World Expo, hoping to build brand awareness in China.

Elements created an interactive wall, designed in an elegant oval shape, that ran a looping video that came to life when touched, launching an easy-to-browse interface. The installation used a 108-inch LCD monitor, with a touchscreen and application that allowed visitors to learn about Intel China.

In addition to the interactive exhibit, we also produced an Intel video for the large LED wall outside the pavillion entrance, which was visible to all pavillion entrants.

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In keeping with Intel's strategy, the wall and interactive piece not only highlighted Intel's presence in China as a technology giant, but also celebrated cooperation and partnership. The resulting experience also demonstrated the robust nature of Intel's technology products in use on a busy show floor during 6 months of constant traffic.