Intel Automotive Ideation
Our Role
Market research
Concept development
Brand messaging
Visual design
Ui design
Application development
Audio production
Technical support

For CES 2012, Intel asked Elements to create an electronic automotive experience that would simulate how driving will be different 5 years in the future, for both drivers and passengers.

Following extensive research and use case testing, we designed and produced an interactive experience that showcased Intel's vision of how the driving experience will evolve as technology advances.

After the success of the exhibit at CES, Intel requested a travelling version of the interactive experience. This complex project toured around to multiple events and laid the groundwork for Intel's partnerships with major car manufacturers.

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A team of 14 designers, developers, and communication writers created a multi-screen, clustered, ultra-high resolution experience in a game engine that gave users a glimpse at an intelligent auto experience.

We designed and built over 1,000 custom visual icons and assets used throughout the piece.

Users browsed through 24 driver scenarios in 3 separate categories to experience driving in the future.